Sloane-3188 Table 1 Front Line 1 'zuresk'


Sloane-3188 Table 1 Front Line 1 'zuresk' spelling note


Sloane-3188 Table 1 Front Line 1 'zuresk' spelling


AOM-001: Fervently unto the 4th HeavenEdit

  • This word has the identical root with the word ZURAH, which means fervently, with humility. We could then suppose ESK to be a suffix. The ES means the 4th with K meaning: of, unto , with, o, oh. KA means therefore. We then get fervently of the 4th; suggesting the 4th Heaven or Atziluth; consistent with apocalyptic literature

KN-001: Undulating spirit (n.)Edit

  • zusk + -re-
    • zusk: Undulating
      • zu- begins the word zumvi which means "seas"
      • -zu is found in torzu and derivatives which mean "arise" or "to rise"
      • -sc has not yet been found as an ending to another known word
      • -sc- in most words appears to be part of other root words combined with affixes particularly in words which translate to adjectives
      • -sc- is found in icorsca which means "is such as"
      • could literally mean "sea-like movement"
    • -re-: God or spirit related
      • -re- is not a frequent letter combination in currently known words, but it appears in many God or spirit related words such as Gahire, iurehoh, restil, zirenaiad
      • -re- also appears in the words ohorela and zonrensg which mean "to legislate" and "to deliver" respectively.

KN-002: Undulating energy (n.)Edit

  • Based on the breakdown for translation KN-001 but assumes -re- implies energy instead of spirit

KN-003: That which is brought forth (n.)Edit

  • zu + re + sk
    • -zu is found in torzu and derivatives which mean "arise" or "to rise"
    • -re- is not very common but appears in zonrensg which means to deliver
    • -sc- is found mostly in words which mean things like "which are" (dschis) or "is such as" (icorsca)
    • could literally mean something like "(unspecified noun) is as risen and delivered

KN-004: Praise (n.)Edit

  • zur + res + sc
    • zur- is found in zuraah which means "prayer"
    • zur- and zure- begin several words in table 1 and the title of table 2, but these letter combinations do not yet appear to be found in the middle or at the end of any words. zur does not seem to appear again until table 43A but is then found also on 44B, 45A, 46A, and 46B. If table 1 involves early creation, and 44-46 represent nearly the final gates of heaven then it could be argued that this word/root has a strong association with primordial or metaphysical concepts
    • -zur- is also found of the fourth table of Soyga
    • res- is found in restil which means "to praise"
    • -sc as an ending might be used to make a noun-form of a verb

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