Workings in Enochian Science Volume 1 Cover

Full Title: Comprehensive Enochian Dictionary and Lexicon Enochian to English A to I: Workings in Enochian Science As Put Forth By Frater Bach a Qabalist and American Rosercrucian. (Volume 1)

Author: Peter P. Palumbo

Pages: 506

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1478244402

ISBN-13: 978-1478244400


  • Gives Golden Dawn style pronunciations for words (for example alip is ah-leh-ee-peh)
  • Translations mostly taken from The Complete Enochian Dictionary
  • Gives gematria for each word
  • Includes names of Angels and other entities
  • Most words have additional comments
  • The July 8, 2012 edition contains several printing errors
  • The July 8, 2012 Kindle edition does not contain an index

Table of ContentsEdit

Introduction to Enochian Science 1-4
Bibliography 5-9
Letters A-I The Enochian Matrix 9-506
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