Sloane-3188 Table 1 Front Line 1 'vreprez'


AOM-001: with beautiful praisesEdit

  • VR seems to be the root of VRBS, meaning beautiful and PREZ has a strong similarity to PRIAZ, meaning those; as well as having a strong similarity to PRAF, meaning Dwell. Also, REZ seems to have something in common with REST, meaning praise. At least one E sits by itself, suggesting again, the Daughter of Light. This becomes: with beautiful praises.

KN-001: beauty deliver thoseEdit

  • ur: beauty
  • re: deliver, (god related stuff)
  • pr: those, serve
  • z: those, to form

KN-002: beautiful flame deliver in order to formEdit

  • ur: beauty, fire, flame, elder
  • re: deliver, (god related stuff)
  • ep: flame
  • pr: flame, fire, those, serve
  • z: those, to form
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