KN-001: result, follows, nextEdit

  • u- as a prefix or seems to sometimes give a similar meaning, though because its a fairly common letter its not quite as obvious.
    • uran (elders), could mean "the result of having seen"
    • urbs (to beautify), could mean "the result of beatification"
    • uml (to add), something always follows from addition
    • ul (end) and uls (ends), u (follows from) + l (first), ie the end follows from the beginning
    • udl (the rest), what is left as the result of something


KN-001: result, follows, nextEdit

  • Especially s a suffix, -u seems to lend implication of being the result of something or coming after something else sequentially
    • viv (second), follows from the first
    • torzu (arise), follow from, be the result of
    • torgu (arise), follow from, be the result of
    • lu (from one), follow from one
    • gru (to cause, bring about, result)
    • div (place where two things meet), di (together) + u (result)



  • KN-001: Here interpretation KN-001 is listed as both a prefix and a postfix as they seem to impart the same meaning, but this meaning is less apparent when U is seen in the middle of a word.

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