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Welcome to the The Angelical Language Wiki[]

Information about the Angelical language, sometimes referred to as Enochian. This wiki is for bringing together existing information and creating new translations. This is a brand new wiki (as of Nov 12, 2012) so there is not very much here yet. (Yes 1,500+ pages and 500+ images is not very much on this topic.)

This wiki has more than doubled in size in just a couple months (as of April 2014)! It is slowly but steadily getting more complete. We should easily be on the list of the largest wikia sites by the time we have all the pages for Loagaeth entered.

About Angelical[]

Angelical is a language which was recorded by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley in the late 16th Centry. Read more...

Aims of this site[]

This wiki aims to collect known information about Angelical, provide a dictionary of known words, and to create new translations for currently untranslated words. A long-term goal is the complete translation of The Tables of Loagaeth.

Currently this site is aimed more at those doing active research on this topic moreso than those who are casually interested (at least until the content is more complete). If you would like to add some information appropriate for beginners it would be more than welcome, just be sure to cite sources.

There is several years worth of work still to do here, so feel free to contribute if this is an area you are familiar with. The way things are organized no one translation or transcription is 'right', if you disagree with one just add yours and make a comment on yours as to why yours is different/better.

Also see Methods and challenges of creating new translations.

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Naming conventions[]

You will notice that all translations and transcriptions include a reference name such as KN-004, the initial 2-3 letters are a reference to the source of the translation or transcription - generally the initials of the individual or organization which provided the translation or transcription. A higher number does not necessarily mean a more accurate translation or transcription, merely an alternate by the same author. One should refer to the notes associated with each translation or transcription to determine the accuracy of each entry.


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