Over the last few centuries several people have contributed to the understanding of the Angelical Language. This is an inex of those people and links to their related work.

Dr. John Dee and Edward KelleyEdit

The two men who originally recorded the Angelical language. Their remaining works and several of the objects used during their skrying sessions are cataloged in the British Museum.

Meric. Casaubon, D.D.Edit

Published one of the first transcriptions of Dee's works.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden DawnEdit

Aleister CrowleyEdit

Published several works on his interpretation of Dee and Kelley's work

Donald C. LaycockEdit

Laycock was a professional linguist living in Australia

Aaron LeitchEdit

Leitch (pronounced "leech") is an author and scholar from the United States.

Archidoxical Order of MagiEdit

Lon Milo DuQuetteEdit

A writer, occultist, lecturer and musician

Leo VinciEdit

Peter P. PalumboEdit

The Flight of the CondorEdit

A website about Shamanism which has section on Enochian magic.

Florence FarrEdit

Patricia ShafferEdit

Alan ThorogoodEdit

Runar KarlsenEdit

Dean HildebrandtEdit

Carlos de CastilloEdit

James BarnesEdit

Benjamin RoweEdit

Egil AspremEdit

Gerald and Betty SchuelerEdit

Michael Osiris SnuffinEdit

  • Conjuring Spirits - A currently out of print book that combines Goetic and Enochian traditions.

Vincent Bridges and Dan WinterEdit

  • The Enochian Alphabet, an 8-part video talk about Shakepear, Dee, Kelley, and an interpretation of the Enochian alphabet
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