KN-001: manifests the first actionEdit

  • This word may have a feminine connotation
  • p root (she)
  • an root (manifest)
  • ng root (innumerable)
  • lo root (first)
  • ox root (action)
  • This translation potentially fits well with translation KN-001 of Loagaeth Table 0 in which the first and second actions seem to be described somewhere else and the first and second actions seem to exist prior to the concepts of first and second - the concept of sequence is brought about is the third action. If all of this fits together and if Loagaeth Table 48A represents something at the end of time then it could imply that the first action was also the last action. This would imply that all of 48A and 48B represent actions that lead to the creation events resulting from the third action in Loagaeth Table 49. This should be regarded as speculation at this point.




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