Sloane-3189 Table 1B Line 4


Sloane-2599 Table 1B Line 4



arsah. Orthath ols gast ardoh max vármah doth novámq lath, adnab gothan, ardri'noh astómagel arpáget asteth arde obzá, ols NA gem­na­pá­la­ba­m'i­da orsat nahah Odmázen an'dulphel, ox ambrássah oxah géth nor vamfah genoh daqueth als astna, oh tatóh, alsah goth necor andeoh neo alda nah


orthath ols gast ardoh max varmah doth novámg fath adnah gothan, ardrmoh astómagel arpáget asteth arde obza, ols [ qa ] gemnapálabaúnda orlat nahah admázen ándulphel, ox ambrássah oxah géth nor vamfah genoh daqneth als astna, oh fatóh, alsah goth necor androh neo alda nah.



This will be the first action. For the second I will prepare the heavens. Prepare the greater water to gather and descend then number the dry places which result. With pleasure I work this power while time moves forward and it is done.
  • Note that until this point (in the passages I have made translations for so far) the language is objective but in this line it becomes subjective.
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