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  1. Rushing from the 4th Heaven and from the Lord of Hosts, 8 fiery angels bring Ave, the Son of Son of Light and foremost of God’s angels; woe, fire pouring down over humanity; Ga, the angel of the Loins of the Daughter of Light; from the holy house, speaks and Semeliel, the angel of the Lord is born; the Lord of Hosts visits Daughter of Light; Ga the Son of the Son of Light awakens the eld with beautiful praises of the Lord for the Daughter of light and the Lord of Darkness Vaa, the angel of the 4 moons. The Daughter of Light is powerful, making the Lord to Understanding within the 3rd Heaven; being with Vaa in darkness, the 12 lights speaking from there, proclaiming; she who is NOT, pouring down stars from the 3rd Heaven; 3 paths bringing fear with strong fire; the Philosopher’s Stone: Spirit of the Daughter of Light.
  2. Ecstasy, God’s wrath—the universal mind, this trinity emanating unto the highest heaven; being the Scepter of the Daughter of Daughter of Light will indwell and gathering all unto the eternal cry they manifest 8 made by you, govern the 22 paths of the spirit with the Daughter of Light, receives the 26; the Son of Light joins the Daughter of Light from the Lord of Hosts; unite to become a thousand angels. The Daughter of Daughter of light descended of God across many. The ruler of the Earth, the 12 constellations. [I will] give in secret appearance one who is cornered wherefore, ye are cursed choose to keep this seed of generation manifest possess, praises one who resides in the skies visits the Holy Spirit, also in them the 22 by 4 leaves the 4 faces of God; being the angelic Children of the Light. <still in progress>


  1. There is a great sea of primordial energy and unspeakable time. A fire in the center becomes an intention of consciousness. This becomes the first to bear witness to the great sea. There was no one in the beginning which was separate. Gamphe, which means "The Everlasting Spirit" creates Kapene whose name means “Regulator of time and worker of wonders”. Brought forth in the same manner is Semelabugen whose name means "In whom thoughts become strong". These three gather together and manifest the spirit of great truth to form the face of the flame which is brought about whose true name is Tardemah which means "As thoughts of the spirit of this place" and is the fourth exalted being of pure cause. In the midst of these who have great understanding the lower heavens come into existence which bring together 12 powers in the flowing chaos. Onixdar, whose name means "Power that descends into that place" pours organization into the chaos, as is the desire of the heavens, and creates a bounding area of 26 sides which is the place of the fourth.


  • Note KN-001
Received via clairaudience from an unidentified entity in early 2013 concerning this table:
"even though a word is on the first table it does not have to do with the beginning of everything it's merely the beginning of an explanation of what the tables contain and that is why there is not a complete translation of many of these words. This is not like a table of contents it is more like an example of what you will encounter in each table. Because you will see there is no translation for some of these words some of them are merely a roundabout explanation of what the word really implies. And that is something you will have to accept before you embark on translating them"