AOM-001: ecstasyEdit

  • IH is the Son of Light (Silver) followed by E, the Daughter of Light and then, HV, which is the root for words referring to Lamp; suggesting enlightenment of the biune soul. This is followed by S, the Daughter of Light and finally, CH, the root of the words for rejoices as well as ‘are/shall be.’ Connecting the first three sets of letters with the Daughter of Light and rejoicing being gives the idea of joyful dissolution or ecstasy.

KN-001: Ihehusch (prop. n.)Edit

  • In this translation this is the first part of the proper noun Ihehusch Gronadox and means "The merciful", "The light", "The thing which exists", and/or "Existence itself".
  • -he-: might indicate a name
  • -iahe- is in luiahe (song of honor)
  • -eh-: might indicate existence
  • -ehus-: part of iehusoz, (God’s) mercies
  • -hu-: lamps or talking
  • -usc-: part of cruscanse, more mighty
  • -sc-: indicates beingness or name
  • -ch: begotten, establisher, equal, under, death
  • -ch-: are
  • -sch-: indicates beingness or name
  • i-e-u: God’s mercies
  • h-s-h: part of chisholq, “are measured”
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