Sloane-3191 Call 16



Ils viv ialprt, salman balt, ds acroodzi busd, od bliorax balit; ds insi caosgi lusdan EMOD ds om od tliob: drilpa geh ils mad zilodarp. * zacar od zamran; odo cicle qaa; zorge, lap zirdo noco mad, hoath iaida.



O thow second flame, the howse of Iustice, which hast thy begynning in glory and shalt cumfort the iust: which walkest on the eart[h] with feete 8763 that vnderstand and separate creatures: great art thow in the God of Stretch Furth and Conquere. Moue and shew yor selues: open the Mysteries of yor Creation: be frendely vnto me: for I am the servant of the same your God, the true wurshipper of the Highest.
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