Sloane-3191 Call 13



Napeai babagen, ds brin VX ooaona lring vonph doalim, eolis ollog orsba ds chis affa; micma isro mad, od lonshi tox, ds i vmd aai grosb; * zacar od zamran; odo cicle qaa; zorge, lap zirdo noco mad, hoath iaida.
VX = 42



O you swords of the Sowth which haue 42 eyes to styr vp the wrath of synn, making men drunken which are empty. Behold the promise of God and his powre which is called amongst you a Bitter Sting. Moue and shew your selues: open the Mysteryes of yor Creation: be frendly vnto me: for I am the servant of ye same yor God, the true wurshipper of the Highest.
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