Sloane-3191 Call 9



Micaolz bransg prgel, napta ialpor (ds brin efafafe p vonpho olani od obza, sobca upaah chis tatan, od trabab balie) alar lusda soboln, od chis holq c noqodi CIAL. Vnal aldon mom caosgo ta las ollor gnay limlal. Amma chis sobca madrid z chis! Ooanoan chis aviny drilpin caosgin, od butmoni parm zumvi cnila: daziz ethamza childao, od mirc ozol chis pidiai collal. Vlcinina sobam ucim, bagle iad baltoh chirlan par. * niiso (od ip efafafe)! Bagle a cocasb i cors ta (ca) vnig blior.



A mighty garde of fire wth two edged swords flaming (which haue Viols 8 of Wrath for two tymes and a half: whose wings are of wormwood and of the marrow of salt,) haue stled their feete in the West and are measured with their Ministers 9996. These gather vp the moss of the earth as the rich man doth his threasor: cursed ar they whose iniquities they are in their eyes are milstones greater then the earth, and from their mowthes rune seas of blud: their heds are covered with diamond, and vppon their heds are marble sleus (Upon their hands are marble sleeves). Happie is he on whome they frown not. For why? The God of righteousnes reioyseth in them! Come away, and not your Viols, for the tyme is such as requireth cumfort.
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