Sloane-3191 Call 5



Sapah, zimii d diu (uiv), od noas ta quanis adroch, dorphal caosg, od faonts piripsol ta blior; casarm amipzi nazarth AF, od dlugar zizop zlida caosgi tol torgi; od z chis e siasch l ta viu, od iaod thild, ds hubar PEOAL, soba cormfa chis ta la, uls od q cocasb. Ca niis od darbs qaas: * f etharzi od bliora; iaial ednas cicles, bagle ge iad i l.



The mighty sownds haue entred in ye 3th Angle and are become as oliues in ye oliue mownt, looking wth gladnes vppon the earth and dwelling in the brightnes of the heuens as contynuall cumforters. vnto whome I fastened pillers of gladnes 19 and gaue them vessels to water the earth wth her creatures: and they are the brothers of the first and second and the beginning of their own sea[ts] which [are garnished with continually burning lamps] 69636 whose numbers are as the first, the endes, and ye contents of tyme. Therfore come you and obey your creation: viset vs in peace and cumfort: Conclude vs as receiuers of yor mysteries: for why? Our Lord and Mr is all One.



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