Sloane-3191 Call 4



Othil lusdi babage, od dorpha, gohol: g chis ge avavago  cormpo PD; ds sonf vivi iv (viu diu)? Casarmi oali MAPM, sobam ag cormpo crpl, casarmg croodzi chis od ugeg; ds t, capimali, chis capimaon; od lonshin chis ta lo CLA. Torzu, norquasahi, od f caosg. Bagle zir mad (zir enay iad), ds i od apila. * dooaip qaal, zacar, od zamran obelisong, restel aai nor molap.



I haue set my fete in the sowth and haue loked abowt me, saying, are not the Thunders of encrease numbred 33 which raigne in the Second Angle? vnder whome I haue placed 9639 whome none hath yet numbred but one, in whome the second beginning of things are and wax strong, which allso successively are the number of tyme: and their powres are as the first 456. Arrise, you Sonns of pleasure, and viset the earth: for I am the Lord your God which is, and liueth. In the name of the Creator, Move and shew yourselues as pleasant deliuerers, That you may praise him amongst the sonnes of men.



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