Sloane-3191 Call 3



Micma, goho Mad/Iad, zir comselh a-zien biab os londoh. Norz chis othil gigipah, undl chis ta puim, q mospleh teloch, quiin toltorg chis i chisge, m (m)ozien, ds brgda od torzul. I li eol balzarg, od aala thiln os netaab, dluga vonsarg lonsa capmiali vors CLA, homil cocasb, fafen izizop od miinoag de g netaab, vaun nanaeel, panpir malpirg(i) pild caosg. Noan unalah balt od vooan (vaoan). Dooiap mad, goholor, gohus amiran. Micma iehusoz cacacom, od dooain noar micaolz aaiom. Casarmg gohia * zacar, vniglag od imvamar pugo plapli ananael qaan.



Behold, saith your God, I am a Circle on whose hands stand 12 Kingdoms: Six are the seats of Liuing Breath: the rest are as sharp sickles or the horns of death, wherein the Creatures of  earth are and are not, except myne own hand which slepe and shall ryse. In the first I made you Stuards and placed you in seats 12 of government. giving vnto euery one of you powre successively ouer 456, the true ages of tyme: to the intent that from ye highest vessells and the corners of your governments you might work my powre, powring downe the fires of life and encrease continually on the earth: Thus you are become the skirts of Iustice and Truth. In the Name of the same your God, lift vp, I say, your selues. Behold his mercies florish and Name is become mighty amongst vs. In whome we say: Moue, Descend, and apply your selues vnto vs, as vnto the partakers of the Secret Wisdome of your Creation.



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