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KN-001: Everything (n.)Edit

  • -ax appears at the end of several seemingly unrelated known words: bliorax, camliax, dax, gizyax, madriax, oadriax, omax, piripsax, tastax, zax
  • -axn- and ax- do not appear in any known words
  • -ax- might indicate that the word has something to do with a place
  • -ax- might also mean something relating to knowing or speaking (perhaps of a place?)
  • -ney- does not appear in any known words
  • ne- begins netaab, and netaaib which both mean government
  • -ne- appears in anetab and gnetaab which both deal with government but also in ne by itself and hagonel which are currently unknown
  • -ey- does not appear in any known words, but -ei- appears in geiad (master) and pageip (rest not)
  • based translation on received translation of arnoy and concept of master+place, could also be 'everywhere' but considering this implies literally everything everywhere would be the same concept

KN-002: Place of origin (n.)Edit

  • Based on the same line of reasoning as KN-001, the concept of a master, governing place of no rest could add up to a word meaning something like "The place from which everything originates and is governed from, without end"

Alternate SpellingsEdit

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