Sloane-3191 Call 1 'aai'


Cotton Appendix XLVI Part 1 Call 1 'aai'


AL-001: amongst (you) (prep.)Edit

  • Page 107

DL-001: <todo>Edit

  • Page xxx

KN-001: <todo>Edit

  • Based on <todo>

LV-001: <todo>Edit

  • Page xxx

NOV-001: among youEdit

NOV-002: amongEdit

PP-001: <todo>Edit

  • Page xxx


  • AL-001: ay-AY-ii
    • Page 107
    • (Dee 1.67 - AAI)
    • (Dee 12.21 - A a i) Three syllables. Each letter appears to stand alone.
    • (Dee 1.67 - aäl) See the 48 Claves. Here, Dee seems to have mistakenly written an l in place of the final i. However he does include a dieresis over the second a, to indicate that it does not combine sound with with the preceding vowel.
    • I have adopted the accent from Aaiom (amongst).
  • DL-001: <todo>
    • Page xxx
  • PP-001: <todo>
    • Page xxx



  • AL-001: Words 13.21-22 are missing from Dee's journals. We are likewise mising the entirety of Key Fourteen. We have only the English given for these Keys on TFR p. 193. However, this word does appear in these locations in Dee's 48 Claves.
    • Page 107

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